Goat farm Apolo in Northeastern Bulgaria

    The goats which we breed are French Alpine. They are imported from french farm with 120 years of history and selection, specially for milk. The capacity of our goat farm Apolo is 1000 milking goats and at this moment we breed around 500. The goat milk is very similar to human breast milk because of the proteins which are easily digasted from our organisms. That’s why goat milk is so popular these days with its high level in diary products consummation. The average quality parameters of our production are the following: 3,8 % fat and 3,3 % protein . For 300 days of lactation we receive around 1000 l of milk per goat. The care of the animals is taken only in barns and each day they are taken for a walk around the farm. They’re fed with organic food only via special feeding belt with possibility of feeding 500 goats without human assistance. We milk the goats with milking system. It can milk 24 animals for about 5 minutes. In the same time we observe the quantity and quality of the milk from each goat on electronic screens.

    Apolo goat farm

    Goat farm Apolo

    Our goat farm Apolo

    Goat farm Apolo in Northeastern Bulgaria

    Apolo goat farm in Northeastern Bulgaria

    Northeastern Bulgaria goat farm Apolo